JABC is pleased to announce a partnership with Nicola Wealth to deliver the JA Investment Strategies Program across the province.

Investment Strategies Program (ISP) teaches students how to research and select investments and manage an online stock portfolio. This program prepares them to make savvy investment choices throughout their lives.

“Last year JABC delivered ISP in 153 classes across B.C., benefiting 3,800 youth in Grades 10-12. We are grateful to Nicola Wealth for their generous three year commitment. This contribution will enable JABC to continue educating youth about the importance of saving and investment to their future,” said Sheila Biggers, JABC President and CEO.

John Nicola, Chairman and CEO of Nicola said, “At Nicola Wealth, we are pleased to support the Investment Strategies Program offered by JABC. The program aligns with our charitable vision of giving a ‘hand-up’ rather than a ‘hand-out’ and our focus on helping the next generation succeed.  In addition to our financial support, we aim to engage our employees as volunteers in the delivery of JA programs.”

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