March 2024- At Heritage Woods Secondary in Port Moody, JABC Volunteers Curtis Campbell and his son Clayton Campbell, recently took the helm of a Grade 11/12 class to lead them through JA’s Be Entrepreneurial program. 

This program serves as a gateway for students to explore the world of entrepreneurship as a potential career path. Over the course of two engaging sessions, students delved into key concepts such as understanding the economy, developing product and service ideas, exploring competitive advantages, and identifying target markets.  

Under the guidance of Curtis and Clayton, these young people were encouraged to unleash their creativity and develop their own business ideas. From innovative products to unique service concepts, each student brought forth their entrepreneurial spirit and presented their ideas with confidence and enthusiasm. 

Curtis, Vice President Business Markets-BC Region at RBC has been a dedicated JABC volunteer since 2005, including currently serving as a member of the JABC Board of Directors. As Curtis reflects on this classroom experience, he expresses admiration for the students’ ingenuity and drive. He said, “I am so very impressed with these young minds, their innovative ideas and their drive to share their ideas in compelling fashion!” He also underscores the significance of nurturing a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, recognizing the pivotal role small businesses play in our communities. 

Meanwhile, Clayton, a student at SFU Beedie School of Business, played a pivotal role in guiding the students and fostering an environment where creativity could flourish. With his interest in business and financial health, Clayton also recently volunteered for JABC, crafting a TikTok Video titled “Spending Tips from a University Student.”

Thank you, Curtis and Clayton for volunteering your time to empower the next generation! These Port Moody high school students were fortunate to have such exceptional mentors. 

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