– By Sheila Biggers, President & CEO of JA British Columbia

The impact of JA programs on young lives is significant, and there’s a pressing need for volunteers to bring these programs to youth all across the province. Volunteers are pivotal in imparting life-altering insights to students, drawing from their personal and professional journeys to enrich the educational experience.

Here at JABC, we are striving to recruit more of these exceptional individuals to work with us. During my conversation with Phil Lehn, VP CIBC Commercial Banking, BC & Yukon and previous JA British Columbia Board Member, we talked about his enthusiasm for volunteering and why you should volunteer with JABC.

Q & A on Volunteering

Sheila: What initially ignited your interest in volunteering with JABC and how long have you been involved?

Phil: I coached a JA Company Program venture in the early 1990’s. It’s a difficult journey for many in high school trying to figure out what career path to pursue. JA helps provide different perspectives and broadens the options available to students.

Sheila: In what ways has your personal life been influenced by your volunteer experience with JABC?

Phil: I meet great people.

Sheila: Could you share a specific experience or moment that stands out to you from your time volunteering with JABC?

Phil: Conducting an Economics for Success program in North Vancouver 10+ years ago.

Sheila: Please convey the advantages of volunteering with JABC, both for you and for the students involved?

Phil: Feeling good about giving back to the community…and our youth in particular.

Sheila: What advice would you give to someone who is considering volunteering for JABC?

Phil: You can always make the time…just jump in and do it!

Thank you, Phil, for investing in the next generation!

Sheila Biggers

If you have not volunteered before, learn more at jabc.org/volunteer.

If you would like to return to volunteering, please fill out this short form and we will follow up with you.