On April 6, 2023, students got the opportunity to ideate and solutionize their creative ideas in a workshop hosted by JABC and Accenture. This two-hour session, held at the Accenture offices in downtown Vancouver, introduced high school students to a simple yet effective approach to problem solving and prototyping.

Student  quotes:

“I really liked all the engagement I had today and everyone was very, very nice. You guys all explained stuff well… it was simple, it was really cool to learn all of this, thank you.”

“This workshop was very engaging and there were a lot of hands-on activities rather than long lectures. So it was really fun and when the activity was over you wished you had more time because you just enjoyed the activity or talking to your teammates about what you want to do, what you envision. I think it was a really good balance between talking and activities where it kept us extra engaged in this workshop. Two hours flew by pretty quick and we are still here seven minutes over so that’s another indication that you did a great job. So thank you.”

“I feel like it was stories after stories instead of lessons after lessons. Learning through stories, I learn a lot … it is very clear. So I learned a lot.”

Thank you Accenture for giving these students such a positive and memorable experience.