This winter, Kelowna youth learned about entrepreneurship and money management the fun way. 

As part of the JA Business of Our Own program, groups of grade 7 students from KLO Middle School brainstormed, developed and implemented plans for their own retail businesses. This culminated in a lunch hour Sales Day at their school where the four classes sold their eye-catching products to fellow students.  

Products available for purchase included a slime kit (sold out!), greeting cards, framed art pictures and much more. The most successful businesses had appropriately priced products, good sales tracking and the ability to work with others to achieve their goals.  

Students got to experience the thrill of selling their wares, the disappointment of unsold items and the satisfaction of making a profit. With proceeds donated to charity, they also learned the importance of philanthropy and the impact they can have on their community through their actions. One of the classes made $146 net profit for their selected charity. 


Through JA’s real-world skill-building programs, students learn about the risks and rewards of business and how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. Thanks to JA British Columbia’s supporters, JA programs are provided free of charge to students all across the province.

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