• Grades 6-8
  • Plan a business, produce and promote products, track finances and manage a team!
  • In-class or online
  • Volunteer-led, educator-led, student self-directed or a blend of these methods
  • Instructional time: 4 hours

Business of Our Own helps students identify the key success factors needed to turn personal and team performance into profit. Building on basic business concepts like the different types of organizations, the role of management, and production and marketing, students learn how to run a successful retail business of their own.

While participating in this program, students acquire and build upon their skills in: language and communication, numeracy and math, critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking and decision-making.

From start to finish, students set up a retail sales stand, track profits and distribute the earnings. Students develop an awareness of their operation and the responsibilities of running a business in a free enterprise system. They also learn how to work with other people to achieve the same goals.

Like other JA programs, Business of Our Own is curriculum-linked, student-centred and skills-focused.

Key Outcomes
For the in-class program students will:
  • Understand business goals
  • Practice skills to run a business
  • Develop and implement a business plan for their own retail business
  • Identify the role of promotions
  • Understand the role of financial record keeping
  • Discuss product pricing
  • Describe their experience in operating a business
  • Draw conclusions about planning and running a business by analyzing their experience

Delivery of Business of Our Own in BC is generously supported by:

Look at some recent Business of Our Own ventures
Rock Your Day
Rock Your Day – Adopt a Lonely Pet Rock

School: Langley Fundamental Middle School
Product: Painted rocks
Profit: Over $250 donated to Langley SPCA

Ninja Doh
Ninja Doh

School: Yorkson Creek Middle School – Langley
Product: Scented play dough
Profit: Over $300 donated to BC Children’s Hospital

Lucky Paws
Lucky Paws – Puptastic treats and more

School: Abbotsford Christian Middle School
Product: Pet treats and supplies
Profit: Over $500 donated to Opportunities International

Zen Gardens
Zen Gardens

School: Kwayhquitlum Middle School– Port Coquitlam
Product: Japanese inspired Zen gardens for stress relief

Tie-Dyed Laces
Tie-Dyed Laces

School: Ross Road Elementary – North Vancouver
Product: Tie-dyed shoelaces

Quick Sand Fun
Quick Sand Fun

School: Yorkson Creek Middle School – Langley
Product: Quick sand kit with toy soldier
Profit: $ 260 donated to Canucks for Kids Fund (Childhood Diabetes)

Toucan TM and Charity Children Ltd.
Toucan TM and Charity Children Ltd.

School: Ridgeview Elementary – West Vancouver
Product: Student artwork
Profit: Over $1000 donated to Me to We


School: Aubrey Elementary – Burnaby
Product: Emoji themed bookmarks and stuffies
Profit: $200 donated to Doctors Without Borders

House of Magic
House of Magic

School: Abbotsford Christian Middle School
Product: Magic wands and potions
Profit: Raised over $275 to Opportunities International