August 28, 2020- With over 14 fantastic mentors from Accenture, 40 students in 5 teams built their own business start-up over 6 weeks in a virtual format. On Presentation Day August 21st, the teams pitched their business ideas and demonstrated their apps via Zoom. 

Student Feedback:

I was incredibly excited when I heard about the virtual JA Summer Accelerator Program. The program offered an experience that was not offered anywhere else– we were to build a business in only 6 weeks! I knew that this was a perfect opportunity for me to meet incredible people and advance my business-related skills, and I was not disappointed.-Peter Lee

What inspired me to join the JA Summer Accelerator Program is a keenness to learn, gain experience in entrepreneurship, connect with other like-minded youth & the initiative of the program’s start-up challenge.” -Laura Li

My biggest lesson I learned is that with hard work you can achieve anything. We were only supposed to meet once a week, but our exceptional team put in the work after hours, meeting multiple times a week, and working on our product whenever we could.” -Raveen Sangha

I was really happy with how we came together as a team. We went from strangers to friends who bonded over a shared love of entrepreneurship. The whole end result was put together from all of us, all of us contributed.” -Dihyah Khan

Because of my experiences with the JA program, I do see possible entrepreneurship in my future. If I have a creative enough start-up, I can make a huge profit from it!” -Adrian Chen  

(Above) Sample of student business idea, Junkly, a mobile app that rewards users for being environmentally friendly.