June 28, 2024- This school year, British Columbia made an impressive showing in the national JA Investment Strategies Stock Market Challenge. Held four times a year, here are the top provincial winners:

Quad One: Devon Basford, Windsor Secondary, North Vancouver

Quad Two: Peter Nguyen, North Surrey Secondary (also first in Canada)

Quad Three: Jayson Baluran, Kwantlen Park Secondary, Surrey

Quad Four: Jack Shields and Jack Norman, Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island (fifth in Canada)

This online stock market simulation is the culmination of the JA Investment Strategies Program (ISP), which offers Grade 8-12 students a unique and immersive learning experience to understand the fundamentals of saving and investing for the future.

In the Stock Market Challenge, students have the opportunity to manage their own simulated stock portfolios, with real-time data from North American stock markets adding an authentic touch. This engaging simulation allows students to apply the investing principles they have learned throughout the program, making it a dynamic and practical educational experience.

The success of BC students in this challenge not only highlights their financial acumen but also underscores the value of the Investment Strategies Program in preparing the next generation for future financial success. Congratulations to all the participants and winners for their outstanding achievements!

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