March 2, 2022- Thanks to JA Company Program, a group of JABC alumni are using their entrepreneurial skills to launch a new company called Ocecho Software Corporation. The goal of these industrious students is to increase youth’s awareness of ocean pollution through an educational video game app.  

Born out of the JA’s student entrepreneurship program, the original student company was called Ecoral, and they were the recipients of JABC’s Junior Entrepreneur Award in 2021. This accolade acknowledged the B.C. based JA student company that best demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit. 

Coming out of a successful year of the JA Company Program, we were inspired to continue our entrepreneurial journey.

With a team of seven heavily motivated and inspired young entrepreneurs, we once again set out to be a part of the solution in fulfilling the 14th UN Sustainability Goal, Life Below Water.”

Mary Zhuang, President of Ocecho

Validating their solid business plan, Ocecho recently received an investment opportunity from a local businessperson to help support their growth. They plan to launch their game app in June 2022. Learn more at 

Congratulations team!

The JA Company Program empowers high school students to fill a need or solve a problem in their community by launching their own business venture. Through a team environment, they learn practical business skills and are supported by mentors from the local community. Find out more here.