Meet alumna Lee-Ann McEllister, Business Development Manager in Kelowna for MCAP, an independent mortgage financing company.

Lee-Ann clearly remembers her grade eight JA experience in London, Ontario. Her volunteer was a business woman who made a real impression on her because she delivered the Dollars with Sense program dressed in a suit. “She told us about her career in banking and my mind was opened to the opportunities. We played the Dollars with Sense game where we had to make adult decisions on finances. I was the type of pre-teen who couldn’t wait to grow up so I remember enjoying this part the most.”

Now Lee-Ann has been volunteering for JABC for the past five years. The programs she delivers? Our Business World and (of course!) Dollars with Sense.

When asked about what advice she would give today’s youth, she said, “Take time to figure out the type of person you want to be and the specific values that are most important to you. Then continue to analyze if your thoughts, actions and habits align with those values. You are your own best friend and staying true to yourself and liking who you are is what will guide you through tough decisions and times.”

Thank you Lee-Ann for giving back to JA!

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