June 15, 2021- Working with Indigenous youth and their communities is a priority of JABC.  As this school year wraps up, we thank John Montalbano and Dana Montalbano for their financial support in helping deliver JA programs to Indigenous youth across British Columbia. 

By the end of May 2021, JABC was thrilled to have delivered 20 programs to 226 Indigenous students across British Columbia. First Nations schools or Indigenous communities that hosted JA programs for the first time this year include: Nus Wadeezulh Community School in Takla Landing, Neskonlith Education Centre in Chase, Xet’olacw Community School in Pemberton, Skatin Community School in Skookumchuck, and Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society in Abbotsford. 

“Our Grade 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 classes had such a blast with JA this year,” said an educator from the Wsanec Leadership School on Vancouver Island. “While we did take it at our own pace and mixed up the content delivery with a blend of group work, independent time and partner work, these programs were very impactful, impressive, and so well organized that the students really enjoyed themselves. I am really looking forward to working with JA next year and diving deeper into these programs.” 

Indigenous youth are the fastest growing population in Canada, increasing four times faster than other populations, and opening doors to Indigenous learners remains an important objective for JABC in the upcoming 2021-22 school year.  


John Montalbano and Dana Montalbano, along with four other philanthropic families are part of the Economic Futures Council, a group a group established to meet the educational needs of B.C. youth now and as educational needs change. Their investment, paid over three-years, will help increase JA program deliveries by 50% by 2023.

If you are interested supporting JABC, please contact Nancy.Cardozo@jabc.org.