“Now more than ever, young people need the important programs that JABC provides,” says George Melville, philanthropist, Business Laureate of British Columbia inductee (2014), and Order of British Columbia recipient (2018), on his incentive for funding JABC.

“Sylvia and I are strong believers in providing students with the knowledge they need to be adaptable in our fluctuating, and often surprising, world. We’re very happy to be supporters of this important organization.”

George Melville and his wife Sylvia Melville, along with four other philanthropic families have formed the Economic Futures Council, a group established to meet the educational needs of BC youth now and as educational needs change.  

Their investment, which will be paid over three-years, will help increase JA program deliveries by 50% by 2023, a goal based on JABC’s Strategic Plan Bright Futures for all BC’s Youth. 

The focus of the Melville gift is to support the delivery of the most in-demand JA programs to students all across the province.

“With all they give to the community, I am very thankful to George and Sylvia for joining the Economic Futures Council,” says Sheila Biggers, President and CEO of JABC. “Their commitment helps inspire, prepare and empower more students across BC over the next three years. We are very grateful.”