On November 21, 2018, Dunsmuir Middle School students learned important money management skills- like setting personal budgets and learning the differences between needs and wants- while celebrating Financial Literacy Month.

Maureen Young, Director Community Leadership, Jennifer Ormond, Relationship Manager, and Kassandra Orr, Youth Get it Intern, from Coast Capital Savings brought their expertise to this Grade 7 Vancouver Island classroom as part of the Dollars with Sense Program. Sheila Biggers, President and CEO of JABC, also joined the program delivery.

Coast Capital Savings has been a supporter of JABC since 2001. Through their exclusive sponsorship of Dollars with Sense, JABC has provided financial literacy education to over 65,000 youth through the program since the beginning of the partnership.

Based on data from completed student surveys during the 2017-18 school year, of the students who participated in a Dollars with Sense program:

  • 80% feel more prepared to manage money in the future
  • 83% better understand how to make smart spending decisions
  • 83% better understand how to protect their personal and financial information online

“We need more financially literate students,” said Sheila Biggers, President and CEO of JABC. “Thanks to the fantastic partnership with Coast Capital Savings and their support of the Dollars with Sense program, students across BC are developing these important financial literacy skills and are better prepared for their future.”

Learn more about Dollars with Sense here.  Educators who wish to host this program, please visit Enroll Your Class for more information.