August 16, 2022- JA has been a driving force in creating leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses that have fueled the Canadian economy for more than 65 years. Today we are excited to share that JA has a new look and new values aligned to our mission of inspiring and preparing youth for success!

As a leading educational charity, we have positively impacted millions of youth through programs and experiences that enable them to be financially healthy, career ready, and innovative thinkers that are better prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. JA continues to be adaptive and inclusive in its approach to learning and is increasing access through digital transformation. Through ongoing development and innovation, we are working to ensure that our programs are relevant and best-in-class − empowering young people with the skills they need for future success.

We are excited that our new worldwide branding is energizing and reflects the evolution of JA, the expansion of our program offering and our promise to empowering young people with the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities.

Success Starts Here.

Stay tuned for more on our brand refresh and fall program offering. Thank you for your support!