September 11, 2020- September is JABC’s Educator Appreciation Month and we salute Beverley Shaw, of Mount Elizabeth Secondary School in Kitimat, B.C., who has hosted 16 JA programs since the 2015/16 school year!

When did you get involved with JABC?

I have been involved with JABC since 2015, the first year I taught Planning 10 (re-named Career Life Education). I have subsequently been hosting a JA program every year and have seen several wonderful volunteers who have graciously offered their time and expertise to help educate my students.

What enticed you to enroll your first class with JABC?

I am very passionate about the financial education aspect of CLE (Career Life Ed) and believe it is imperative to teach our young adults to make good financial decisions. In 2015, I jumped at the opportunity when two incredible women from our community Royal Bank branch offered to deliver a JA program to my students. During our conversations in the planning stages prior to their arrival, I saw their enthusiasm and knew they would have both the knowledge and presentation skills to deliver a great program. And that they did! From that experience, I was sold.

What inspires you to stay involved with the organization?  

I really like how JABC connects the students with members of our community and makes the information more “real”.  I think of the expression “It takes a village to raise a child” and believe that hearing advice from an array of individuals enhances their understanding and makes it more meaningful. Also, I have found the booking process seamless, as the organizers have been able to accommodate my scheduling needs every year which makes planning much easier. Finally, I have had the same volunteer for the last few years and she has been great!

What would you tell a fellow educator who is thinking about enrolling with JABC?

I have already encouraged some of my fellow educators to get involved with JABC and will continue to do so. I relay to them how animated the presenters are and the positive response they receive from my students. The lessons are well-timed and engaging, and the information is conveyed through a hands-on approach with some story telling and discussion, and culminates with a group board game. Fun!

Do you have a message to share?

The 2020/21 school year and my 31st year as a high school teacher is beginning and I am looking forward to what lies ahead! Thank you to JABC for being a part of my journey and providing this program to my students. To all my fellow educators out there, have a great school year!

Thank you Beverley Shaw for helping youth find their path to success!