Hey Educators- We’re pleased to launch our new Introduction to Investing program.

Delivered by JA volunteers with extensive investment knowledge, this program aims to support students in their journey to understand the rewards of investing, both for short-term financial needs and long-term aspirations.

Grades: 8-12

Delivery: Volunteer-led

Format: In-class or online

Instructional time: 45-60 minutes, including a Q&A

This opportunity is provided on demand during a regular block schedule. Educators moderate and host the presentation, manage the platform (for virtual presentations), keep time and oversee the Q&A segment.

Like all JA programs, the experience is coordinated and supported by JABC’s Program team.

Potential Topics of Discussion:

  • Introduction to Investing: Put money into something to help it grow (using your money to make more money).
  • Becoming Investment Wise: Discuss the different kinds of investments such as savings accounts, bonds, stocks.
  • Investing on a Budget: Discover how to start investing with even a small amount of capital.
  • Calculating Compound Interest: Earn interest on interest.
  • Risk Management: Gain insights into the concept of risk in investing and how to effectively manage it.
  • Local Economic Factors: Explore how the economic conditions in British Columbia can impact your investments. Examine the region’s economic landscape and how it affects various asset classes.
  • Financial Planning: In addition to investing, learn how to balance your financial priorities, save for education, and manage your money effectively, including saving for a down payment on a home.
  • Taxation and Education Savings: Understand the tax implications of different investments and the advantages of using registered plans like RESPs for education savings.
  • Local Resources: Discover local investment clubs, organizations, and educational resources that can help you expand your knowledge and network with like-minded individuals.

For more information, contact Tina at T.Johal@jabc.org

Learn more about our Investment Savings program and its supporters at jabc.org/isp