• Grades 8-10
  • Prepares students to identify and build a toolkit of transferable skills that will enable them to increase resilience and improve outcomes through challenging situations.
  • In-class or online
  • Volunteer-led, educator-led, student self-directed or a blend of these methods
  • Instructional time: 2-6 hours

The earlier youth prepare for business, the better their chances of success.

JA’s Success Skills is an exciting program that helps students develop the communication and personal skills needed to achieve career and lifelong learning success. In this interactive program, volunteers from the local business community work with classroom teachers to prepare students for the working world. Students learn communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills that can help them throughout their careers.

By the end of this program, students will understand how the skills they develop in school and in everyday life relate to skills they will need in the workplace. This helps them translate their strengths into career success.

Like other JA programs, Success Skills is curriculum-linked, student-centered and skills-focused.

Key Outcomes
In this program, students:
  • Demonstrate awareness of self-efficacy in skill attainment and career development
  • Identify specific skills required for effective collaboration in short and long-term situations
  • Understand the fundamentals of critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Use communication techniques to enhance their communication with others
  • Investigate tools for conflict resolution and how to come to a consensus with those who have differing ideas
  • Develop career paths for jobs in different industries and map out required skills

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