• Grades 7-9
  • Get the vital tools to make smart financial decisions, manage debt and become a savvy investor!
  • In-class or online
  • Volunteer-led, educator-led, student self-directed or a blend of these methods
  • Instructional time: 4 hours + optional Credit with Sense game

Dollars with Sense provides students with personal money management skills and challenges them to apply these concepts in their own lives. This interactive program, facilitated by volunteers in collaboration with the classroom teacher, gives students the knowledge they need to financially manage changes in their career and life.

From the origins of trade to the pros and cons of investing, Dollars with Sense provides students with the knowledge and experience they need to make better economic decisions. Students play an exciting investment strategies game to learn about effective spending and how to avoid credit and debt pitfalls.

By the end of the program, students will know how to evaluate their financial decisions against their goals. This prepares them to make smart, lifelong financial choices.

Like other JA programs, Dollars with Sense is curriculum-linked, student-centred and skills-focused.

Key Outcomes
  • Develop a money management self-profile
  • Choose appropriate forms of exchange
  • Determine factors that influence their spending
  • Identify steps in being a SMART consumer
  • Calculate the cost of credit
  • Develop awareness about consumer rights
  • Identify needs, wants and financial goals
  • Prepare a budget
  • Differentiate services offered by financial institutions
  • Demonstrate how to write a cheque
  • Identify types of fraud and the protection needed
  • Identify different ways to invest

Delivery of Dollars with Sense in British Columbia is generously supported by:

Provincial Partners

National Development Partner