• Grades 10-12
  • Learn the essential components of launching a realistic entrepreneurial venture by developing a plan and pitching an idea!
  • In class or online
  • Volunteer-led, educator-led, student self-directed or a blend of these methods
  • Instructional time: 4 hours + an optional in-class business pitch competition
Students: take your business and presentation skills to the next level with Discover Your Pitch!

Discovery Foundation’s Discover Your Pitch is an exclusive investor pitch competition for B.C. high school students who have taken a JA entrepreneurship program.

Teams pitch their business ideas to a panel of top B.C. business leaders for a chance to win cash prizes. 

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JA’s Be Entrepreneurial inspires students to imagine a business venture while still in school.

Through this interactive program, facilitated by volunteers in collaboration with the classroom teacher, students identify entrepreneurial concepts, including product, service, competitive advantage and target market. The program gives students an understanding of the importance role planning plays in starting a business. Be Entrepreneurial also helps students develop an awareness of resources that are available to entrepreneurs.

By the end of Be Entrepreneurial, students will have created their own business plan. This will inspire them to see new opportunities, innovate and start businesses.

Like other JA programs, Be Entrepreneurial is student-centred and skills-focused. Students who complete this program are eligible for JABC and JA Canada awards and scholarships and Discover your Pitch.

Key Outcomes
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Focus: product or service
  • Determining competitive advantage
  • Defining a target market
  • Developing the business
  • Business planning
  • Reflections on becoming an entrepreneur
  • Moving forward with entrepreneurship

Delivery of Be Entrepreneurial is generously supported by: