Thanks to a new three year agreement between the KPMG Foundation and JABC, more youth across BC will have access to JABC’s life-changing programming.

KPMG has a great tradition of support for JABC. Over the past three years, KPMG volunteers have assisted JABC in delivering 35 programs to almost 900 students. Additionally, the KPMG office in Vancouver has hosted a 16-week Company Program- After School two of the last three years.

“KPMG and JABC share a long history,” says Sheila Biggers, President and CEO of JABC. “This three year commitment by the KPMG Foundation builds upon this relationship and all the wonderful efforts of the many KPMG employees who have volunteered on behalf of JABC in B.C. classrooms. The KPMG Foundation’s financial and volunteer support will help JABC meet the program demand from teachers and students in regions all across British Columbia.”

“We are extremely proud to continue our support and partnership with JABC as it prepares youth for their future, providing them with problem solving skills, entrepreneurial experience, financial literacy and people skills that will enable lifelong success,” says Arnold Singh, Partner at KPMG. “Our people have already shown great enthusiasm for getting involved with JABC programs, and we are excited for what we are able to achieve together as we further our long-term partnership with JABC!”