January 12, 2022- Meet JA alumnus Jeremiah Philips, a fourth-year UBC student, local community volunteer, and entrepreneur.

Jeremiah was part of the JA Company Program when he was in the 12th grade at North Surrey Secondary, in Surrey B.C. The student company he and his team launched sold branded smart watches. He said, “I was initially a bit nervous about joining JA since I had no background in business. However, I committed to taking the first step to register, and I’m overjoyed that I did. Had I not taken part in the Company Program, I likely would not have discovered my passion for business.”

Jeremiah is also a co-founder of Vision For Life, a nonprofit that aims to create a deep and long-lasting impact by working one-on-one with marginalized individuals and raising awareness of poverty. He said, “The teamwork and marketing skills I developed at JA helped support the growth of Vision For Life. JA still acts as a point of support for me to this day. Several mentors and peers I met during the program are willing to lend a helping hand whenever they can, whether by connecting me with others or providing their own knowledge.” He and his Vision for Life partner, Richard Wang, were featured in a recent Daily Hive article.

In addition to launching this youth run organization, Jeremiah also co-founded Clarify Student Resources, a business that aims to provide affordable academic support to university students.

What advice would he give youth? “Step outside of your comfort zone and try new experiences. Instead of overthinking whatever it is you want to do, take a deep breath and commit to action. The time for you to try new things is during your youth, and you never know what marvelous experiences or skills you’ll gain or the kinds of people you’ll meet.

“Another piece of advice is to meet new people. We live in an era where staying connected is among the easiest things to do. Meeting new people has the potential to open many new doors of opportunity and the conversations you have can be enriching. Some of these people may even grow to be close friends or mentors!

“Also life is a journey of learning and personal growth. By making an active effort to continually grow (whether it be through reading, mentorship, or experience), you learn about yourself and your passions which help you determine your ‘calling’. Figuring out your calling will put you in a position to succeed and help those around you succeed as well!”

Thank you Jeremiah for giving back to your community!

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