View the JABC TechWorks Vancouver Highlight Reel.

As part of our new strategic plan, Bright Futures for All BC’s Youth, to provide more students with access to JABC’s life-changing programs, we held the biggest and best TechWorks to date in Vancouver this past winter and delivered on our expansion plan to Vancouver Island. 

Why TechWorks? As you know, BC’s tech sector is booming and the demand for highly skilled employees continues to outpace supply. According to KPMG’s 2018 British Columbia technology report card, talent and scalability continue to be the two main constraints on BC’s technology sector. In addition, many of the jobs that our current high schoolers will occupy in the future don’t exist yet as automation is changing the workforce and the skills needed to adapt to these new jobs.  

In response to this overwhelming demand for employees with new skills and knowledge, JABC came up with TechWorks, a full day expo for youth to discover the vast career opportunities available in BC’s tech industry. The event is designed to encourage youth to think about their educational pathways and how they can set themselves up for a successful career in technology.   

Motivating speakers, exhibit booths and interactive breakout sessions make up the day for approximately 750 grade 9 and 10 students across both regions. Students and teachers commented on the quality of the speakers and their stories as well as the number of hands-on activities during the breakout sessions. In our newest expansion region of Victoria, survey results indicated a 64% increase in the number of students interested a tech career after attending TechWorks.  

The overwhelming support of our sponsors and demand from educators for experiences such as  TechWorks means we’re going to continue with our expansion plans. Next stop: Kelowna, BC! 

“The most memorable part of my day was engaging with other youth and discovering the opportunities within technology.”
– Sophie G., Student at École Victor-Brodeur

“I was blown away…it was a great event and there was something for every student to get excited and motivated by!”
– Colleen M., Teacher at Parkland Secondary

“The most memorable part of my day was meeting people that truly love their work.”
– Gema L., Student at Claremont Secondary