Meet alumna Parveen Walia, Associate Portfolio Manager at Odlum Brown and JABC Volunteer.

Parveen participated in the JA Company Program at Vancouver’s David Thompson Secondary when she was in grade 10. “I still have fond memories of that experience, and it’s because I had such a terrific experience that I sought out to volunteer with Junior Achievement about 6 years ago. I always find the enthusiasm of the children contagious, and it’s fulfilling to know that the life skills they are learning will come in handy for years to come.”

As an Associate Portfolio Manager, she has a solid background in the wealth management industry and enjoys helping clients reach their financial objectives.  Parveen happily shares her financial knowledge with students in Langley by regularly delivering two JA programs, Dollars with Sense and Our Business World.

What advice would she give youth?  “The world looks much different today than it did when I was graduating high school.  The pace of change has also increased tenfold.  My main advice would be to embrace this new world, and not be afraid of the rate of development. I would also tell them to reject pessimism, and to always maintain a positive attitude.  Finally, I think it’s important to always be ready to learn new things, and make an effort to interact with people from all walks of life.”

Thank you Parveen for giving back to JA!

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