November 30, 2023- At Eagle View Elementary in Victoria, 50 enthusiastic Grade 4 and 5 students embarked on an immersive learning journey through the JA More than Money program.

This dynamic curriculum ignited a spirited exploration of financial literacy and entrepreneurship, providing a foundational understanding of money management skills crucial for operating a small business.

Within the program, students unveiled extraordinary creativity – from an aspiring equestrian planning a horse riding school to a young entrepreneur seeking savings tips, and a budding artist envisioning teaching at an art school.

JA More than Money was held in different sessions for two different classes over two weeks. This immersive experience not only imparted invaluable skills but also kindled inspiration, fostering a deepened understanding of the role of money and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset.

“Witnessing the students’ creative sparks and their genuine enthusiasm was truly inspiring,” said program facilitator, Tam. “I quite enjoyed it!”

This popular classroom experience can be volunteer-led, educator-led or a blend of these methods.

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