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Join us on Thursday, January 27, 2022 as we chat with experts in the Construction Industry. Students will hear about the guest speakers’ career journeys and have the chance to participate in a live Q&A.

Meet our Career Mentors!

Zen Bellot
Design Manager, Gensler
Advice: It is ok to be unsure, uncomfortable and hesitant. I find when I am gaining the most growth when I am experiencing those feelings. Embrace them and explore what new things they are bringing to you.


Jonathan Xu
Journeyman Plumber, Business Student, Langara College
Advice: Get out of your comfort zone and connect with other people. By interacting with more people, you learn through their unique human experience


Christina Chow
Project Architect, Gensler
Advice: Work hard and with integrity for what you are passionate for and always remember that finding personal fulfillment in your career is what will keep you motivated and happy. Never stop growing and know that you bring a unique and valuable perspective to everything – own it!

Patrick Hage-Moussa
Project Manager, Ledcor Construction Limited
Advice: The best way to find out what we want to do for a career is to learn about the things we like and don’t like. Stay curious, learn about yourself and it’ll lead you to a career you will be excited about each and every day.

More speakers to come! Check regularly!

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