September 2, 2022 Update

JABC continues to follow the provincial COVID-19 response to a sustainable, long-term COVID-19 management strategy focused on immunization, self-management, and specific actions to protect those most at risk of severe infection. The BC Centre for Disease Control has recently published its Public Health Communicable Disease Guidance for K-12 Schools. We recommend all volunteers review this guidance and to contact us should you continue to have questions as it applies to your volunteer experience.

Following the guidance of the BC Centre for Disease Control, JABC continues to strongly recommend that volunteers who interact with children be fully vaccinated. Also, we remind JABC Volunteers that B.C. School Districts and independent school authorities have the ability to create policies and procedures on a range of measures related to employee and workplace well-being and health and safety, including a vaccine policy. We ask that JABC Volunteers continue to follow protocols and adhere to Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and regional restrictions.

JABC will continue to evaluate and modify program delivery methods to ensure alignment with all B.C. Government COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines.