The 6th annual Discovery Foundation’s Discover your Pitch finale was held on May 14, 2024. Presented by JABC, this exclusive investor pitch competition gives B.C. high school students the unique opportunity to pitch their business ideas for a chance to win cash prizes.  

Six student teams pitched live to a panel of seasoned business leaders at the Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver. Parents, mentors, JA volunteers, JABC team members and JABC partners came out to watch the pitches and meet the students. It was a challenging task for the judges to reach a decision.

Here are the final results:

1st place ($3,000) Compostaboard

Presenters: Bryan Ma, Ryan Lei, Yirei Zhou, Haocheng Luo | Grade 11, Vancouver

Student description: Compostaboard is dedicated to reducing paper waste by recycling paper products like cardboard into new products. These products, such as desk organizers and coasters, not only extend the useful life of these materials but also provide thoughtful, affordable, and 100% biodegradable gifts for young adults. 

2nd place ($1,500) BinBuddy

Presenter: Peter Boudjok | Grade 12, Burnaby 

Student description: “All you need is a scan, to know the right can.” BinBuddy creates an immersive experience to help educate users on the proper disposal of waste. 

3rd place ($500) Beyond Leather

Presenters: Linda Dai, Aviva Liu, Anya Liu | Grade 11, Vancouver

Student description: Beyond Leather creates vegan leather that protects endangered animals and the planet from the adverse detriments of traditional leather production. This company hopes to make green, non-toxic, no pollution leather accessible and affordable for all. 

Fan Favourite ($500) My Medical Bling

Presenter: Malina Zmavc | Grade 9, Nelson

Student description: My Medical Bling is a company that empowers shoppers to design custom medical identification jewelry for personal preference and comfort. My Medical Bling’s clientele won’t want to hide their distinctive jewelry item. Emergencies can happen- clients may need medical assistance, want more empathy in various life situations, or may want to display awareness and acceptance for those facing silent struggles. 

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About Discover Your Pitch:

Discovery Foundation’s Discover Your Pitch, presented by JABC, is an exclusive investor pitch competition for B.C. high school students in grades 9-12. Students have the exciting opportunity to participate in valuable workshops and practice sessions, taking their business knowledge and presentation skills to the next level. The culminating event sees the top teams pitch their business ideas live to a panel of esteemed business leaders for a chance to win cash prizes. Learn more at